Affordable house and lot near Makati for as low as 820K

3 bedroom house with pool amenities near Alabang for 7k a mo
Affordable 3 bedroom house near Alabang
Rent to own 3 bedroom house near Alabang


It is beside Ayala business center ...the community is also beside San lazaro racetrack with a small casino that's why its also good place to put ur money for an investment too...It is located at Carmona Estates Barangay Lantic.

PRC Licence Number 0005174


Two storey
3 bedrooms with partition
1 toilet and bath
Living Area
Dining Area
KItchen Area
Provision for Service/Laundry Area
Provision for 1 Car Garage


Pre-Painted G.I. Sheets
Steel Casement Windows
Pre-Cast Panel System
Painted Interior/Exterior
Tiled Kitchen Counter
Water Closet
Tiled Toilet/Bath Flooring
Cement Floor Finish


Shuttle Service
Basketball Court
Swimming Pool
Concrete Road Network
Multi-Purpose Area
24 Hour Security
Energized by Meralco
Modern Entrance Gate
Landscaped Open Places
Centralized Water System

We have a lot more houses to show you with different prices according to your budget for as low as 800k us now

BANK FINANCING                   
House Model    CYPRESS               
Unit ID    CV4-2920               
Lot Area    40               
Flr Area    40               
Selling Price    752,000.00                
LMF    60,160.00                
Total Package Price         812,160.00            
(selling + LMF)                   
10% Down Payment =    81,216           
Reservation        -7,500           
Net Down Payment     73,716.00            
Payable in (mos):        12           
    6,143.00     permonth       
Loan Amount    661,760.00                
Monthly Amortization for Bank Loan               
20 yrs    7,399.31     per month       
15 yrs    8,200.30     per month       
10 yrs    10,005.02     per month       
5 yrs    15,875.94            
25 yrs *    6,593.76 permonth       
*(only for locally employed)

House tripping Schedule:
9:00am Buendia LRT station (Quickstop)
9:30am Makati SM Watsons
10:00am Festival Mall
10:30am Carmona Watsons

For More houses to see :
Cell No:
09238096503 (Sun)
09129528282 (Smart)
09261762891 (Globe)

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